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Barrow Gurney Parish Council

Council Minutes

Draft Minutes of all Parish Council meetings are published within one month of the meeting date and are approved at the next meeting.


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
DRAFT minutes Annual PC meeting 4 May 2022.doc13 May 202248kB
DRAFT Minutes of Meeting of Electors 4 May 2022.doc11 May 202224kB
Minutes 02_03_22 approved.doc29 March 202244kB
Minutes 05_01_2022 approved.doc10 January 202231kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
Minutes 03_November_2021 approved.doc14 November 202148kB
Minutes 01_September_2021 approved.pdf14 November 2021119kB
Minutes 23 June 2021 approved.pdf30 June 2021121kB
Minutes of the Annual PC Meeting 5 May 2021 approved.pdf24 June 202171kB
Minutes Annual Meeting of Electors DRAFT.pdf26 May 202151kB
Minutes 13 January 2021 approved.pdf23 March 2021198kB
Minutes 17 March 2021 approved.pdf23 March 2021136kB
Minutes 10 February 2021 approved.pdf23 March 2021116kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
Minutes 14 December 2020.pdf23 December 2020105kB
Minutes 10 August 2020.pdf22 December 2020102kB
Minutes 14 September 2020.pdf22 December 202092kB
Minutes 12 October 2020.pdf22 December 2020102kB
Minutes 17 November 2020.pdf22 December 202080kB
Minutes 9 march 2020.pdf11 August 20206864kB
Minutes 8 june 2020.pdf11 August 202093kB
Minutes 13 july 2020.pdf11 August 202097kB
Minutes 13 january 2020.pdf11 August 20207994kB
amended minutes 8 june 2020.pdf11 August 202093kB
amended minutes 11 may 2020.pdf11 August 202098kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
amended minutes 11 november 2019.pdf11 August 20206712kB
draft minutes 11 march 2019.pdf11 August 202083kB
draft minutes 11 november 2019.pdf11 August 202091kB
draft minutes 13 may 2019.pdf11 August 20207393kB
draft minutes 14 january 2019.pdf11 August 20207747kB
draft minutes 8 july 2019.pdf11 August 202090kB
draft minutes 9 september 2019.pdf11 August 202088kB
draft minutes apm 13 may 2019.pdf11 August 20204008kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
amended minutes 08 january 2018.pdf11 August 20207352kB
draft minutes 10 september 2018.pdf11 August 202083kB
draft minutes 12 november 2018.pdf11 August 20207168kB
draft minutes 9 july 2018.pdf11 August 20209523kB
draft minutes apm 14 may 2018.pdf11 August 20204587kB
minutes 12 march 2018.pdf11 August 20206292kB
minutes 14 may 2018.pdf11 August 202010735kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
draft minutes 13 november 2017.pdf11 August 20208778kB
minutes 10 july 2017.pdf11 August 20208535kB
minutes 11 september 2017.pdf11 August 20205482kB
minutes 13 march 2017.pdf11 August 202087kB
minutes 8 may 2017.pdf11 August 20206124kB
minutes 9 january 2017.pdf11 August 20205833kB
minutes apm 8 may 2017.pdf11 August 20203836kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
draft minutes apm 9 may 2016.pdf11 August 20202726kB
minutes 11 january 2016 v2.pdf11 August 20205530kB
minutes 11 july 2016.pdf11 August 20208408kB
minutes 12 september 2016.pdf11 August 202093kB
minutes 14 march 2016.pdf11 August 20204650kB
minutes 14 november 2016.pdf11 August 20208025kB
minutes 9 may 2016.pdf11 August 20207000kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
draft minutes annual parish meeting 11 may 2015.pdf11 August 20201468kB
minutes 12 january 2015.pdf11 August 202083kB
minutes 13 july 2015.pdf11 August 20201346kB
minutes 21 september 2015.pdf11 August 20201309kB
minutes 9 march 2015.pdf11 August 202087kB
minutes 9 november 2015.pdf11 August 20202389kB
minutes agm 11 may 2015.pdf11 August 20201372kB
minutes planning 4 november 2015.pdf11 August 2020473kB

Village Green Committee

File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
DRAFT VGC Minutes 9 December 2020.pdf22 December 202082kB
vgc minutes 8 december 2014.pdf11 August 202064kB
vgc minutes 7 november 2016.pdf11 August 20201860kB
vgc minutes 7 december 2015.pdf11 August 2020683kB
vgc minutes 20 november 2017.pdf11 August 20203273kB
draft vgc minutes 17 november 2018.pdf11 August 20202668kB
draft vgc minutes 16 november 2019.pdf11 August 20202204kB