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Barrow Gurney Parish Council

We'd like you to let us know about -

Fly Tipping

In order for the Parish Council to assess the scale of the problem of fly-tipping through the parish, we would like you to let us know where and when it's happening.

Anything fly-tipped on public land such as the highway or in verges, is the responsibility of North Somerset Council to collect and needs to be reported to them on this website: (go down to Environmental Services)

Alternatively, visit ClearWaste, a free and easy-to-use app where you can report fly-tipping anywhere in the country and upload photos. Your report is then forwarded directly on to North Somerset Council.

Fly-tipping that is on private land is the responsibility of the landowner and cleaning up can run into thousands of pounds!

Please proved as much detail as you can including

  • Location (please be as specific as possible)
  • Private / public land
  • Date noticed
  • Type and amount of rubbish
  • Any other information you may have such as vehicle details, etc
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