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Barrow Gurney Parish Council

Financial Information


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
AGAR statement 1.pdf12 May 2024187kB
AGAR statement 2.pdf12 May 2024173kB
Bank Reconciliation.doc12 May 202443kB
Certificate of Exemption 2023 24.pdf12 May 2024240kB
Contact Details.docx01 April 202413kB
Explanation of Significant Variances 2023 24.xlsx02 April 202441kB
Internal Audit REPORT 2024.pdf29 April 20242.11MB
Items over 100 2023 24.xlsx29 April 202412kB
Notice for the period for the exercise of public rights 2024.docx31 May 202421kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
AGAR Accounting Statement Section 2.pdf23 May 2023189kB
AGAR Governance Statement Section 1.pdf23 May 2023209kB
BGPC bank reconciliation 31 March 2023.doc16 April 202334kB
Certificate of Exemption.pdf23 May 2023256kB
CIL End of Year Report.doc05 March 202334kB
contact_details_2022 23.doc04 March 202331kB
Explanation of significant variances 2022 2023.xlsx04 June 202341kB
Internal Audit Report.pdf23 May 20231.99MB
Items over 100 2022 23 report.xlsx05 March 202312kB
Notice of Exercise of Public Rights 2023.docx02 June 202321kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
Barrow Gurney CIL End of Year Report.doc15 September 202219kB
contact_details_2021 22.doc31 May 202214kB
Notice of Public Righs and publication of unaudited Annual G.doc31 May 202248kB
Bank reconciliation 2021 22.xls31 May 202224kB
Analysis of variances 2021 22.xls31 May 202220kB
Internal Audit Report 2021 22 2.pdf31 May 20221982kB
Annual Accounting Statement 2021 22.pdf31 May 2022147kB
Annual Governance Statement 2021 22.pdf31 May 2022147kB
Certificate of Exemption AGAR 2021 22 Form 2.pdf31 May 2022194kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
Internal Audit Report 2020 21.pdf20 May 2021407kB
AGAR section 1 2020 21.pdf21 May 2021323kB
AGAR section 2 2020 21.pdf21 May 2021324kB
Certificate of exemption 2020 21.jpg21 May 20212081kB
21 Explanation of variances 2020 21.pdf29 May 2021101kB
Notice of the period of the exrcise of public rights 2020 21.pdf29 May 202165kB
Items of expenditure over 100.pdf29 May 202142kB
Barrow Gurney Council Insurance policy_schedule 1.pdf30 June 2021491kB
Bank Reconciliation at 31 March 2021.pdf30 June 202141kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
year end accounts 2019~2020.pdf11 August 2020266kB
variances and reserves 2019 20.pdf11 August 2020149kB
notice of public rights 2019~2020.pdf11 August 202048kB
half year financial review 2019~2020.pdf11 August 2020313kB
final agar 2019 20.pdf11 August 20202783kB
expenditure above £100 2019~2020.pdf11 August 2020229kB
budget 2019~2020.pdf11 August 202071kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
approved budget 2018~2019.pdf11 August 20201462kB
final agar 2018~19.pdf11 August 20209434kB
half year financial review 2018~2019 v2.pdf11 August 2020318kB
notice of public rights 2018~2019.pdf11 August 202058kB
year end accounts 2018~2019.pdf11 August 20203053kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
budget 2017~2018.pdf11 August 20201442kB
final agar 2017~18.pdf11 August 20209294kB
half year financial review 2017~2018.pdf11 August 20201169kB
notice of public rights 2017~2018.pdf11 August 20205332kB
year end accounts 2017~2018.pdf11 August 20202994kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
audit notice 2016~2017.pdf11 August 20201964kB
audited annual return fye 31 march 2017.pdf11 August 20207794kB
bgpc assets register.pdf11 August 2020619kB
final budget 2016~2017.pdf11 August 20201379kB
half year financial review 2016~2017.pdf11 August 20201331kB
notice of conclusion of audit 2017.pdf11 August 2020702kB
year end accounts 2016~2017.pdf11 August 20202722kB